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Payback’s a Witch

iTunes is pissing me off this morning.

There’s an album I need to download (please note my use of the verb NEED…not want), and the software is not cooperating. 

First, it required that I install an update…which took FOR-EV-ER!!!!  Then after many LONG minutes of not-so-patiently waiting, the update did not install properly.  So now in order to download the album I NEED, I have to uninstall the software and reinstall it. 


I’m sure you’re wondering why I don’t just use another music service.  I have considered that option.  But I’m afraid that if I take my $9.99 and spend it elsewhere I will bring about the complete financial collapse of Apple. 

Snort….yeah, right.

Anyway…my misery and frustration this morning is all my DD’s fault.

Before I go on to explain how my adorable pre-schooler is completely responsible for this hair-pulling episode, you must know this about me.  I am a complete and total U2 addict.  Shamefully, my addiction to this amazing band from Dublin even surpasses my addiction to my Cricut. 

Back in March I purchased the DELUXE edition of U2’s new album No Line on the Horizon.  I was in U2 heaven…for a while. 

Then a few days ago I made the mistake of taking my CD out of the car and bringing it into the house for the purpose loading it to my portable media player. 

Apparently my DD procured the CD from my desk.  She then proceeded to mar its glorious surface with dirty little girl fingerprints and some sort of sticky slime that I can only assume was gummy infused saliva, which all  moms know has greater adhesive properties than super glue. 

Now…while I am a HUGE U2 fan (perhaps even bordering on the obsessive…which I know is a confession that shocks you because it’s sooooo not like me!), even I have never licked one of their CD’s!!!!  (Fondled one maybe, but that’s another story 🙂 )

To add insult to injury, not only did my DD touch and lick my CD, she also managed to put a very deep and indelible scratch across the entire width of it. 


I’m going to call my dad tonight and share my agony with him.  And although he’s entirely too much of a prince to say it, he’ll think something along the lines of “Payback’s a witch.”

You see, my dad is a HUGE Barbara Streisand fan.  And when I was little (coincidentally the same age as my DD is now) I got my hands on his prized copy of Hello Dolly.  I then proceeded to lay the LP on the floor, stand on it, and do the twist. 

He’s long forgiven me, but he’s never forgotten. 

Neither apparently have the fates.

Yeah…payback’s a witch.

So…in honor of the witchiness of fates and payback…and of course in honor of the approaching Halloween night, here’s a few files for your entertainment.


Click on the Image to Download a Zip File containing SVG Files for All Three Layers & SCUT Files for SCAL1 and SCAL2

I’m not one to embellish my embellishments…too lazy I suppose.  But this baby got a few extra touches.  First, Cauldron01 (background base) is cut from black cardstock.  I then mixed a bit of silver and black acrylic paint and applied it sparingly using a small sponge. 

I wanted a bit of high light on the cauldron, so I cut Cauldron02 from vellum.  White vellum.  When I removed it from my cutting mat and laid it on top of the black base I got a creation that can only be described as UG-A-LEE!!!!   I glued it down anyway, added a tiny bit more of silver paint to the black/silver mix I used on the background, and then sponged the vellum. 

I then cut my green witches brew (Cauldron03) and added it, running along a yellow Tombo marker along its edges.  I’m sure I’ll mess with that a bit more. 

Anyway…if you’re interested, here’s a zip file containing svg files for all three layers of the cauldron as well as scut files for both SCAL1 and SCAL2. 

I’m going to go try to get my U2 fix, but here’s wishing you all Happy Cricut-ing!!!


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I’m in LOOOOOVE!!!!

In case you haven’t heard, SCAL 2 is available.

There’s been grumbling.  There’s been griping.  And trust me, I understand the frustration ya’ll are feeling.  Times are tough, money’s tight, so who really wants to fork over some more of what we don’t have enough of? 

I’ve been holding off on the upgrade myself, but I only have so much self-restraint.  So I finally broke down yesterday and forked over 35 bucks to upgrade my SCAL.

Before this morning, I thought the cash I paid for version 1 was the best money I’d ever spent.  Let me just say….I WAS WRONG!!!  Buying the upgrade is the best money I’ve spent I’ve spent in a LONG LONG LONG time. 

The new features are AWESOME!!!  It’s so much easier to manipulate type now.  And the new layer function and the trace image function!!!!  I’m practically orgasmic!!!

This morning I sat down to create a title for a halloween page. The layer function allowed me to create all the pieces and lay them one on top of the other so I could really see how they fit together. Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance!

Happy Haunting

Here are some things you’ll need to know before trying to reproduce this page title. 

(1)  The font I used is Zombie.  So if you don’t have it, you can download it here from 

(2)  I’ve set up this scut file to cut all the layers at once.  That’s just my personal preference.  I’d rather put all my paper pieces on my cutting mat and load it once.  You may prefer to cut the layers one at the time.  If you’re new to SCAL2 and don’t know how to use layers, I suggest checking out my Tutorials page.  There’s a link there to a fabulous tutorial by Dan over at My Crafty Life.  Watching it may just be the best five minutes and seventeen seconds you’ve spent recently. 

(3)  I used the new auto trace feature in SCAL2 to trace the bat jpg.  (That was the coolest!!!)  The jpg included two little yellow eyes on each bat.  Of course, those eyes are too small for the Cricut to cut, but if you look carefully at them once they’ve come out of the Cricut, you’ll see where the eyes should go.  I used a big safety pin to poke holes in those spots so the yellow of my moon would show through.  I also wiggled the safety pin a little bit to enlarge the eye holes even more.

(4)  You can dowload the scut file for SCAL2 here.  Sized as is, it will produce a title that’s about 4 1/2″ W x 3 1/4″ H.  Of course, you can always resize the elements to suit your individual needs.

(5)  If you’re still using SCAL version 1, this project sucks for you, because this scut file can’t be opened using SCAL1.  However, don’t fret too much.  I’ve got to go make beds and put on some dinner and do a few of the other household chores that are screaming for my attention, but I plan on posting a version of this that can be used with your SCAL1 either later tonight or tomorrow. 

In the meantime, have a hauntingly happy time with SCAL2!!!

P.S.  For those of you still using SCAL1, here’s a scut file for you as well.  The dimensions aren’t exactly the same, but they’re close.  Also due to the limitations of SCAL1, I couldn’t weld both the “Happy” and the “aunting” pieces together and still make sure that the shadow fit.  I could bore you with the details of why the Zombie font was difficut to shadow, and all the steps I had to take to create the shadow, but I won’t.  Let’s just say it wasn’t as easy as changing the style to Blackout Shadow.  This was due to problems with the font itself, not any functionality of SCAL1 or SCAL2. I don’t have time to try the scut file out for myself right now, but I’ll try to do that later tonight or tomorrow.  When I do, I’ll post a picture for you.

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I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

Those of you who read my blog on a fairly regular basis (many thanks to both of you!!!) know that I’m a self-confessed obsessive compulsive.

My OCD-ism encompassess several areas of my life…none of which happen to be cooking or housekeeping (much to my husband’s dismay).  Of course, my Cricut is one of those OCD objects.

Another is the HBO series True Blood. 

Every Sunday night, my BFF comes over, and she, my DH, and I spend an hour riveted to the television.  Then my BFF and I spend another hour watching next week’s previews (over and over, in regular and    s  l  o  w    motion) and dissecting the series to death.  My DH, who remains rapt during the show, falls asleep during this portion of the evening.  (Which is all right with us because it allows us to pant over Eric in an unrestrained and often shameful manner.)

Of course, my BFF and I are simply aghast that we have only one episode left before Season 2 comes to an end, and we’re discussing what we’re going to do to provide us with our “Blood” fix while we wait for HBO to unveil Season 3.  (Which of course will take them entirely too long, and we simply can’t understand why those darn actors and directors and producers and other staff can’t work night and day for the next century to provide us with all the Blood that we require for existence.)

So in honor of the show that’s brought so many thrills and chills and yes – even laughter – to our Sunday evenings, here a bit of my favorite Shreveport bar for you.

The Bar With A Bite

The Bar With A Bite

After a long and often fruitless Internet search, I finally found a hi-res *.eps file for the Fangtasia logo on  This provided me with exactly what I needed to create a really good quality  *.svg file and *.scut file for your use. 

As always, happy Cricut-ing!!!

P.S.  If you’re wondering who the smoky and sexy growl in today’s audio selection belongs to, check out, and, yes, his music is available on iTunes.

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